Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas in Dubai

I started my Vacation last week and am in some shitty cybercafé and am almost getting frustrated. I haven’t entered a café in like 5 years and sitting here wondering y people cant just get their business right…na wa ooo .

Between…am spending my Christmas in Dubai as I intend to go and shop and hear they are doing some sort of shopping festival at this time of the year. So I need advise on anywhere I could go to get
GOOD things at an affordable price, then any other ideas you guys might have I would appreciate …also to do some sight seeing, please please please am waiting for suggestions .It will really be appreciated.

Do have a beautiful christmas guys and may all of Gods tremendous blessing overtake u in the year to come, I know 2008 would be a wonderful year…..am out…this café is just annoying.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

For Sophia ....A true Angel 1979- 2005

It’s the December again and I remember.

U looked like and angel …gosh you were an angel, how could the hands of death snatch u away from me, they say we shouldn’t question God and sometimes I know I try so hard not to, but I still cant help but wonder…Why God? What did she do to deserve this? Why do the Good ones always go so fast? Why did that plane have to crash? Y did she have to be on duty on that flight? Why …? Why?

I still remember our undergraduate years ,I still remember how much u wanted me to change my way of life and how much you disliked my friends ,you always felt I was too good for them ,you never stopped praying that id have a better relationship with God and you never stopped talking to me about it.

I remember the stories u told me about your marriage, the ills of marrying at a young age of 18, I remember all he horrible things your mother in-law did to you, (I hope she is finally happy to be rid of you), you tried to make things work then you finally got the strength to leave your husband and get a life, I remember how you got a degree and u were trying so hard to make something of yourself.

I remember when u got that job in Sosoliso …I was so happy for you and all I wanted was for you to be happy, even that day u came to my office and told me you didn’t want to do ticketing anymore and that all you wanted to do was cabin crew you so loved to fly, now I regret supporting you, I just thought I was being a friend and that the least I could do was encourage you. Then u got the jobswitch and we went out to celebrate, you enjoyed your first flight and you were finally getting a hang of it.

I remember that beautiful weekend we spent at my mans place ,you wanted us to spend some girl time together lounging and he suggested I could invite u to his place for the weekend so that he could give us a treat. I was so excited that you two got along together and I was so happy because I needed u to be happy for me, you were always asking me about him, u really wanted us to end up together, when we started having our issues all you ever did was to cajole me to make things work.

I remember our 3hour lunch outings ,how we would seat down just laugh and gossip about everything and nothing and time would just fly ,my boss even knew that whenever u come around that I don’t get around to doing any work,

Even now I remember the last time I saw u ,a week before you died ,u were sick and couldn’t fly and u came to see me, I remember all the time we spent talking about make up ,skin products and all the girl stuff. You had even gotten an apartment and you wanted me to come share it with you ,you felt bad because I had already made plans with someone else to share an apartment ,we had plans to go to the market to shop for wrought iron and curtains for your apartment, death never gave us a chance to do that…

I remember that Saturday, ooooh that black Saturday, how I wish I don’t have to remember, I was at my new apartment trying to clean it up so that I could move in then as I went to say hi to my new neighbours I saw the headline and saw sosoliso airplane had crashed ,I just ignored it and thought it was the normal crash landing that had become a frequent occurrence, then again I knew your flight route was never Ph but Enugu. My phone battery was dead so no one could reach me, I remember putting it on by 8.30pm at a barbers shop where my man went to cut his hair and a few seconds later I got that call from Chioma, the call that changed my life forever,I remember her telling me to get a grip on myself because she had some bad news for me ..then she told me you were in the crash and no one knew if u were amongst the survivors ,I remember my piercing scream and dropping my phone ,I must have fainted because I remember waking up in my man’s arm he was holding me so tight and we had a group of people surrounding us.

I remember I just couldn’t stop crying ,it was so bad my man couldn’t handle me alone ,he had to take me with him to his friends place to spend the night because he needed an extra eye on me. I remember seeing him drop a tear for the first time in our relationship; he just kept on wishing he had never met you. Everyone that met you could never forget you.

I remember your very fair face, your flawless skin and your angelic smile, how could anyone be so pretty and yet so down to earth? We always used to argue over which one of us was taller, you were so tall and striking and I almost envied you, you were so fond of me I often wondered why, even when I purposely tried to upset you ,you never got angry. I still have your number on my phone and some days I just call it hoping against hope that it will ring and you would pick up, maybe I finally need to delete it and move on.

I remember regretting never telling you how special you were, I never told you what your friendship meant to me, today again I cry because I never told you were an angel ,I never told you ….. I never told …..

December 10t would always be a horrible day for me and as I get closer to it I fret.

Sophie I miss u…..but I know you have gone to be with God ,He must know you are an angel and desperately needed you beside him …someday we would be together again….someday….I hope.

Monday, November 19, 2007

30 days of Thankfulness..Day 19

I was tagged by red puree for day 18 but here i am on day 19 and Father i know its never too late to thank You i could thank you everyday and i know it will never be enof.

Where do i start ?
For Today Lord even especially today i thank you yes ..you delivered me from yesterday and i am here today to thank You,In sept i was here to thank you and i look back at how much has gone by since then and this morning i cry.

For that time in July when I was depressed ,then when I was at my wits ends even then when I had no one to turn to ,tomorro was too bleak to be seen ,You showed me the sun again and now I can look up and truly thank you,My comforter am thankful

For showing me imcomparable love, Your love is so real.I have been loved and I have been hurt ..Yes no man can love me like You do,even before I ask Lord You answer ,Yes I call You once and You answer seven time .No wonder the meaning of my name....The love of my life ...am thankful.
For the people You have sent to my life ,My friends have truly been a blessing to me and each of my down times i look and i see the reason why You sent them into my life ...they have been a tower and yet Your the PILLAR ..the STRONG TOWER,yes Lord am thankful.

For giving me answers to those quiet prayers i whispered to You,they brought me peace,for those mind blowing ideas that brought me wealth, My standby,My dynamic strategist...am thankful.

For distinguishing me amongst my peers,For making me excell in my job,for setting me on a high place ,for never letting me down Lord am thankful.

For giving me a 3rd chance again even though i knew i didnt deserve it.Even now i cry knowing how much i have hurt You...yet Lord you forgave me and gave me a new name ,yes for helping me forgive myself ...My Saviour Im extremely grateful.

For not judging me when everyone said all sorts, for sending twinny into my life to comfort me even against all odds ,for strenghtening him to encourage me ,for making him my inspiration ,my best friend...Im thankful.

For giving me the best family in the world ,You must have known how challenging life was going to be and sent me the most amazing sister,she has been there to help me ,counsel me ,encourage me ,Yes Lord you never make a mistake,am thankful

I could just go on and on and on ....no wonder David called You The Strong and Breasted One,Yes the Comforter ,Isiah called you Wonderful Counselor,Everlasting Father ,Prince of Peace.

Even though things may not look like they have fallen in place now..ogologomma agha ...Im grateful.
Even though Life still seems like a puzzle.From afar i can see where im heading and again..ama ama amacha amacha ...Im grateful.
When my zeal is gone ,when i have no other song to sing please help me to be truly grateful .Eze Ebube you have been good to me.

NATASHA is joining Blogville to say am thankful.

Im tagging An ibo dude,kokoletta and Overwhelmed

Monday, November 12, 2007

What i think about.....

I am … not a very nice person all the time.
My ex-Boyfriend was … nice ,he loved me so much he hurt me real bad
Maybe I should … Quit my job and travel round the world
I love … to lounge with my friends
I don't understand … everyone has turned to a player (both male and female)
really I lost… all the love inside me,i dont have any feeling for anyone

My current boyfriend is … someone am not taking very seriously
People say I'm....Interesting company ..there is never a dull moment with me.
Love is … relative,most people misunderstand it
Somewhere, someone is… thinking of me and waiting for me to notice him
I will always ….be me.
Forever is … now i live by the day
I never want to … be caught in the middle of two guys that are friends
I think the current President is … yet to show his true colour...well its too early to tell
When I wake up in the morning … I go back to bed; then pray and rush to work
Life is full of … challenges
My past is incredibly … alot of things that have made me wiser
I get annoyed when … people take me for granted
Parties are for … unwinding
Guys are … lying bastards ,two can play that game though
Sex is … what makes the world go round
I wish … i ddnt have to work and yet i had all the money in the world
Tomorrow I'm going to … get married
I really want some … more money
I have low tolerance for people who … are not smart or hardworking
If I had a million dollars … hnmmm u wouldnt wanna know what id do
My job makes me … bored,i need a new job

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The essence of Life

The shrill in his voice cut through my bone marrows like a chain saw as
he narrates his ordeal over the phone. He had just lost his younger
brother in an accident a month ago, his wife just gave birth, in
addition he caters for his other five siblings and a week after he was
fired by the organisation for which he has sacrificed nine years of his
life. Bugzy got fired last week; he could not even pick his personal
files from his PC.

This piece is not about Bugzy, it's about us, you and me. Let's pause
for a moment and put our selves in Bugzy's shoes, did I hear God forbid?
Yeah! Bugzy would have said that a week ago but reality has set in.
whether Bugzy was unfairly sacked is not what I want to discuss but what
have we to learn from it?

We work in the 21st century where technology is fast claiming good old
jobs, my dad used to be a cable expert at NITEL, he reveled at the
single fact that he's so good at the job, he was indispensable, but the
moment the idea of GSM was being mooted, he was such a smart man that he
resigned and started some other business but his colleagues stayed on
with expectation of the usual monthly pay perk, then came the big bang,
256 NITEL Technical staff sacked, my dad was still being paid his
pension after taking his gratuity. Technology we love so much is
becoming our competitor, organisations are fast automating their
processes, we are being replaced by machines, it's now a war of man vs.
machine but man is fast losing the battle due to that tacit support of
the capitalist machine.

Yes, the capitalist machine, that greedy behemoth, never satisfied with
little. Due to globalization, companies are spreading more than ever,
are consolidating more than ever and profits are rising more than ever
but jobs are lost more than ever. You may ask why, the reason is; they
have found alternatives and they are machines. Companies cut jobs at
every little provocation, losing ones job is as easy as a phone call or
an SMS, hurray technology! When organisations want to cut costs, they
don't sell computers and softwares, they sack people.

Like Bugzy, we have come to work today, to earn our pay, but are we
really sure we will be here when the salary will be paid? I am not
Nostradamus but I can give a little advice on how to live in this
perilous times. I may be sounding too negative but permit me to drive
home my points. Do we have the I-quit-money? Majority of us just spend
and spend till we drop dead, hoping to earn an unearned salary. We shop,
drink, party away, take loans to consume luxuries over income we are yet
to earn in the next three years. What if after this, we get sacked and
nothing is left in our accounts? We get frustrated and feel worthless.
Please, let's save and save and save and then invest, invest and invest
again but wisely, let's invest in landed properties, stocks, bonds;
invest long term and short term for we will fall back on them in the
rainy days. At least let's set about 30-40% of our income aside for
investment and savings so when it happens we can comfort our dependants
and keep their hopes alive instead of killing our dreams and theirs due
to our wrong choices.

A job should not deter us from having a plan B, one of the best ways to
make a plan B is to learn some very practical skills aside from what we
do at work, let's learn some skills. The truth is in some years from
now, people like Bugzy might be thankful to the organisation for sacking
them as they might become more successful by going into personal
businesses or doing something that will bring income far above what
their paid jobs offered. Can you sing? Try developing that skill, learn
to sew, learn hair dressing, make use of that ability to cook that
people have always praised you for, are you good at programming? Try
designing software, teach if you can, learn something, anything, it
could be your saving grace after you receive that call. These are
derided skills which wiser people have converted to cash. Talk about the
Mr Biggs, Nandos, Tiffany Ambers, Frank Oshodis, Tufaces, Bill Gates,
Steve Jobs of these world and you talk of people doing ordinary things
in special ways and making serious money.

For those that can still apply to study please
intensify efforts, it increases your market worth and you can call the
bluff of any employer when you need to

A word is enough for the wise, let's do these things so we can smile and
drop our letters with joy when we are called to do so. These things call
for serious discipline, what else differentiate success from failure if
not discipline and determination?

If you can't fly, run. If you can't run, walk, but please keep moving.
Don't sit in your comfort zone because there is nothing as such, it's an

Thank you and God bless you

A word is enough for the wise

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Days on end

Days go bye and hours and minutes and here the year is almost at an end ,i dont know how my life has become so boring.

I feel like i could have it better ,i feel like i need some excitement .

God help me .I hate this feeling ,I need to love again ooo yes i need to be loved again.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I remember

I still remeber how i told my friends thatlove only happens in movies I thought they were fools for loving....till i met you.

I still rewmember how i ddnt know how to deal with all i was feeling till u drew me out of it, yes you thought me that love was about knowing i was loved ,you touched my soul not because you wanted to but becuase that was all u ever knew how to.
I still remember when you told me that relationship wasnt just about romance but about friendship .You thought me how to be free with you, you let me into the inner most experiences of you charred childhood.

I still remember how you told me that you had stopped seeing me as you girlfriend but as your best friend.You told me that you felt like you had known me all your life and i felt like i belonged with you.

I still remeber the endless nights of passion you thought me what it really was ,you showed how to enjoy it and how to expres it .You made me realise that sex wasnt just for pleasure it was a communion,its was communication

I remember loving u , i just loved u
I still remember all the email u sent to me last thing everyday b4 u close from work,and how it used to brighten my day first thing every morning.
I still remeber how you called me by 6am just to tell me you were passing your babys house (me) on your way to work it was always a wake up call i looked forward to.
I still remember how you would tower over me like my body guard and how ur friedns called me ur hand bag.
I still remember our early morning long walks on sundays .I still remember how you look at me like you were lost to the world,i still remember how called me "baby" and each time it sounded like i was just hearing it for the 1st time.

I still remember how the overnightbeard growth on ur cheeks felt, and the feel of ur skin cut scalp .
I remember our frequent fight ,i remebr how we argued over everything,

I remember how u changed and turned into a monster (i almost felt like i ddnt know u)I remember how u withdrew and how we stopped communicating.

I remember how i complained about how much you had changed and the day you told me we needed some time apart to think things through.

I remember how you kept on calling me and i felt you were mocking me and stopped taking your calls.

I remeber the day i ended it even though i ddnt want to (all i jsu wanted was for you to beg me),how i cried ..for days i just cried ,when i saw ur number on my phone i cried ,i ddnt wanna pick it and i cried,
i missed you and yet i cried.

I remember how i came few months later and met some other girl ,you had already moved on and then i cried again.

I remember how u came few months ago begging me to have you back ,how stupid did you think i am ?Did u think id always be there waiting?

I remember when i moved on ,i couldnt possibly go back to you ,only dogs go back to their vomit...
Now u stalk me ,u bug me call my fones come at odd times im really fed up...gimme a break bro..

I still think of you all the time and from time to time and i remember....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cant help it

..so am listening to some Bayelsa artist named Timaya and im wondering ....Nigerian artists would go places ...well the ones that are wise enof to be original.

I suddenly have this thing for bayelsa men.My best male friemd is from Bayelsa and 12 years older than me.

Have u ever been torn between an attraction and just being friends ,my mother usually says that male and females dont play together ..in summary u cant have a male as your best friend,its often going to turn to something else,i often dont agree,but with my best friend it kinda got out of hand ....... the fact that he is tall dark and attractive doesnt help matters not forgetting the fact that he is RICH.

Somebody help me here!!!!!!!im loosingfocus.I have had so much drama in my life this year and i need some form of stability.

Friday, September 7, 2007


...so i have this cute new guy in my office....hnmmmmmm

Is he trying to flirt with me?

I wonder.

Well im a flirt ( u know what they say about gemini's being flirts..i dont believe in stars though) bt im all mouth and no action so if you wants to broda .... bring it on.
Im a flirt.......

Meanwhile the blind date guy just called me and i completely acted like i cant remember him,anyways he got around to finally calling and not sending sms(cheap skate).


...a poem i saw somewhere ...lovely ( well IF only i can do all these)
IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor
talk too wise:

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to,
broken,And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,'
Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch,
if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

Blind date!!!!!!

So i had this blind date last wednesday....some guy my cousins been trying to hook me up with..he calls me up a couple of times and then we finally decide to meet on Wednesday.About a quarter past 6 he calls me up and tells me he is really neck deep in work and wont be able to drive me home ,im like ..kool lets hook up some other time and he is like no we should definetly meet even if its for a few minutes .

My best friend calls me to know where am at (i originally ddnt want to tell her) so i tell her im havin a blind date with some guy she should come and join us later at least have free dinner...... So i do all the make up ,gloss my lips and im looking drop dead sexy (well my view) .We had originally agreed to meet in some eatery (cheap skate).He gets there and calls me ,i get there and see some guy outside staring at me and i was almost panicking thinking he is d one (cos the guy ugly no be small).Anyway i get into the eatery and some how i walk up to the cutest guy i can see and he is the one.,i see dis sweet fresh nice looking bobo (nna ..d guy dikwa very fresh).Kinda cute u know.So we get talkin abt his job his work hours (JUST ABOUT HIM).By like 10 mins i was fed up.
At this pont i send Best Friend an sms to come save me cos i was really gettin bored .He was just talking and all the talk was boring about consulting , Taxation ,projects and his terrible long work hours etc ...he was the one talking .He was just talking abt his job,well by now i had seen we ddnt really have much in common nothing to tlk abt so i was just being the pefect audience and hoping best friend wld show upto gimme some breather ,he is a complete nerd. A cute nerd , Doesnt look it though ,most nerds are usually cute they say. All these while he hasn't asked me if id like to eator like to have a drink or anything ,so im like thank God atleast we would do that when BF comes so we could all have dinner together .Finally...the long awaited BF arrives we do the intros and i say thank God i have been waitin for u to have my dinner .Then i ask her if she has had anything to eat (like i ddnt know).The moment i asked her that ,the guy just got up and said he had to go that he had some dealines to meet b4 the next morning .Im in shock ,he just gets up and walks out to my utter amazement ...no dinner, no drink nada.

What kind guy is that ?someone please answer me.If he ddnt want to buy for her he would have bought for me naaaaa .

Someone said he is prob a jew guy i.e not a player ..not used to the woman game .I told them this isnt abt being jew ,its abt courtesy , jew guys still have manners. This kin guy fit carry pesin comot go embarass am ooo. My dear i just dont know, infact jew guy go wan spend his last cent to impress chics .

Its so crazy cos the bobo is too fresh not to know the right thing .

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Early morning thots

I am grateful for Yesterday ,for today and even tomorro
Yes im gateful
For those innocent years i took life for granted and you pulled me through
Im grateful
For the times i took even your Love for granted
Im grateful
For the times i purposely tried to hurt you when all you did was love me
Im grateful
For the times i was at my wits end and had no one else to turn to but you
Im grateful
For that time i escaped again by whiskers
Im grateful
For giving me a 3rd chance even though i knew i didnt deserve it
Im extremely grateful
For not judging me when everyone said all sorts...
Im grateful
For forgiving me even when i purposely hurt you
Im grateful
For delivering me even when you warned me and i went against you will
Im grateful
Even though things may not look like they have fallen in place now
Im grateful
Even though Life still seems like a puzzle
From afar i can see where im heading and again..
Im grateful.
When my zeal is gone ,when i have no other song to sing
My last thoughts would be of you.
Cos im so blessed to have you
And from the depth of my heart
Im truly grateful.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Proverbs 24:6 (AMP):6

For by wise counsel you can wage your war,
and in an abundance of counselors there is victory and safety.

A new dawn

Ok here marks my journey to discovery,the real me ,my feelings ,thoughts,my past ,my future .

Here the new me begins,the washing,the cleansing ,the rebirth.

Here a Bold and Beautiful woman is born....