Monday, November 19, 2007

30 days of Thankfulness..Day 19

I was tagged by red puree for day 18 but here i am on day 19 and Father i know its never too late to thank You i could thank you everyday and i know it will never be enof.

Where do i start ?
For Today Lord even especially today i thank you yes delivered me from yesterday and i am here today to thank You,In sept i was here to thank you and i look back at how much has gone by since then and this morning i cry.

For that time in July when I was depressed ,then when I was at my wits ends even then when I had no one to turn to ,tomorro was too bleak to be seen ,You showed me the sun again and now I can look up and truly thank you,My comforter am thankful

For showing me imcomparable love, Your love is so real.I have been loved and I have been hurt ..Yes no man can love me like You do,even before I ask Lord You answer ,Yes I call You once and You answer seven time .No wonder the meaning of my name....The love of my life thankful.
For the people You have sent to my life ,My friends have truly been a blessing to me and each of my down times i look and i see the reason why You sent them into my life ...they have been a tower and yet Your the PILLAR ..the STRONG TOWER,yes Lord am thankful.

For giving me answers to those quiet prayers i whispered to You,they brought me peace,for those mind blowing ideas that brought me wealth, My standby,My dynamic thankful.

For distinguishing me amongst my peers,For making me excell in my job,for setting me on a high place ,for never letting me down Lord am thankful.

For giving me a 3rd chance again even though i knew i didnt deserve it.Even now i cry knowing how much i have hurt You...yet Lord you forgave me and gave me a new name ,yes for helping me forgive myself ...My Saviour Im extremely grateful.

For not judging me when everyone said all sorts, for sending twinny into my life to comfort me even against all odds ,for strenghtening him to encourage me ,for making him my inspiration ,my best friend...Im thankful.

For giving me the best family in the world ,You must have known how challenging life was going to be and sent me the most amazing sister,she has been there to help me ,counsel me ,encourage me ,Yes Lord you never make a mistake,am thankful

I could just go on and on and on wonder David called You The Strong and Breasted One,Yes the Comforter ,Isiah called you Wonderful Counselor,Everlasting Father ,Prince of Peace.

Even though things may not look like they have fallen in place now..ogologomma agha ...Im grateful.
Even though Life still seems like a puzzle.From afar i can see where im heading and again..ama ama amacha amacha ...Im grateful.
When my zeal is gone ,when i have no other song to sing please help me to be truly grateful .Eze Ebube you have been good to me.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

What i think about.....

I am … not a very nice person all the time.
My ex-Boyfriend was … nice ,he loved me so much he hurt me real bad
Maybe I should … Quit my job and travel round the world
I love … to lounge with my friends
I don't understand … everyone has turned to a player (both male and female)
really I lost… all the love inside me,i dont have any feeling for anyone

My current boyfriend is … someone am not taking very seriously
People say I'm....Interesting company ..there is never a dull moment with me.
Love is … relative,most people misunderstand it
Somewhere, someone is… thinking of me and waiting for me to notice him
I will always ….be me.
Forever is … now i live by the day
I never want to … be caught in the middle of two guys that are friends
I think the current President is … yet to show his true colour...well its too early to tell
When I wake up in the morning … I go back to bed; then pray and rush to work
Life is full of … challenges
My past is incredibly … alot of things that have made me wiser
I get annoyed when … people take me for granted
Parties are for … unwinding
Guys are … lying bastards ,two can play that game though
Sex is … what makes the world go round
I wish … i ddnt have to work and yet i had all the money in the world
Tomorrow I'm going to … get married
I really want some … more money
I have low tolerance for people who … are not smart or hardworking
If I had a million dollars … hnmmm u wouldnt wanna know what id do
My job makes me … bored,i need a new job