Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Whats new with me?

MY new pair of Jeans so sexy with suspenders i bought it some weeks back and now i can barely wear it.

My better half moved to a bigger nice saner apartment ,now i have a second home.

I met his family this easter and suddenly am having cold feet.

My sister has a new obsession for the stock market ,she sends me on endless trips to her stock broker as she doesnt live in the country and cant manage her portfolio.

My new corper colleague who i have come to take not just as a sister but as my friend.

My nice blackberry fone that i still cant fathom.

The frustrating job which im trying to make some sense of ,my sisster said i have to do my best in it if i have to move on to the next level .So now am trying to be faithful and giving it my best job...im actually beginning to feel it.

I made for dough last week just by hooking some people up to do buisness ,funny enof the real dough comes stresslessly.

I need a 2007/8 CRV ...someone please help!

Im begining to have some self control ,control over impulse shopping ,control over my savings ,control over my temper and control over my feelings.

This sudden laziness to pray ...God please help me.

I guess im just rambling ...well atleast i got around to an update!!!