Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Whats new with me?

MY new pair of Jeans so sexy with suspenders i bought it some weeks back and now i can barely wear it.

My better half moved to a bigger nice saner apartment ,now i have a second home.

I met his family this easter and suddenly am having cold feet.

My sister has a new obsession for the stock market ,she sends me on endless trips to her stock broker as she doesnt live in the country and cant manage her portfolio.

My new corper colleague who i have come to take not just as a sister but as my friend.

My nice blackberry fone that i still cant fathom.

The frustrating job which im trying to make some sense of ,my sisster said i have to do my best in it if i have to move on to the next level .So now am trying to be faithful and giving it my best job...im actually beginning to feel it.

I made for dough last week just by hooking some people up to do buisness ,funny enof the real dough comes stresslessly.

I need a 2007/8 CRV ...someone please help!

Im begining to have some self control ,control over impulse shopping ,control over my savings ,control over my temper and control over my feelings.

This sudden laziness to pray ...God please help me.

I guess im just rambling ...well atleast i got around to an update!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Trip,My Love ,My Life

Where do I start? I been away for so long and I have almost forgotten what blogging feels like, work keeps getting tedious, I have so many projects (work related and personal) am running at the same time I wonder how I cope. Since my last blog I have fallen sick ,fallen in love ,frustrated with my job and yet I feel like im going to explode this year .Happy new Year guys .Welcome to this year of Fulfilment!!!!!

…Ok let me start from the beginning… My trip to Dubai was awesome. I shopped and I shopped and I shopped and I shopped, I shopped till didn’t have money to pay my hotel bills, it not something you want to hear about …Anyway finally my sister had to wire me some money from the US (yea it was that bad) .betw friend and I ended up having excess luggage and had to leave a box at the airport (me haven’t gotten it till now). I did shop..this actually beat all the shopping i did the last time i went to the Uk.i still marvel at my vanity..Believe me shopping is therapeutic.

Then again a lot has been happening in my love life. I met this sweet guy, it all started out like a joke now am stuck. It’s 4 months going on 5 and it’s getting sweeter by the day.
It started unseriously now am so deep in I can’t even wriggle myself out of it. The amazing thing is that I feel so much peace around him it feels so unreal, I’ve had so much drama in my life …believe me I have gotten used to drama and am wondering if things could really be different, he has this calming effect on me and its scaring me but at the same time it makes me respect him and yet he is just a couple of years older than me. He makes me so happy am beginning to think it’s unfair to be this happy. I was talking to my sister yesterday and she made me realize that for the first time I actually admitted in taking a guy serious.

Talk about my job…….gosh I need a new job. Im so frustrated with my job it’s affecting everything around me, it affecting my relationship with people, its affecting my relationship with God and that’s the most painful part. Everyday I get to work and I don’t want to come the next day, am going so crazy am almost sure I would resign anytime from now.

... My friends …My best friend just changed jobs and am so happy for her, the new job comes with a fantastic package including a brand new car, then another had a baby and yet another ,then another is getting married ,A lot has been happening and as LG would say ….LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!